Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on January 01, 2014.

Rank  Change  Title
496 Small_arrow_up430 Jah Prince
467 Small_arrow_up424 Zettan och Fischer's Podcast
29 Small_arrow_up379 DJ Jaycee presents EARGASMS!!
98 Small_arrow_up362 "Going to the Army!" - Marc Harry's Podcast
236 Small_arrow_up360 Helicopter Training Online Ground School Podcast
391 Small_arrow_up352 Podcast de Felix Toran
392 Small_arrow_up352 Bluejay Banter
452 Small_arrow_up351 Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine's Podcast
355 Small_arrow_up339 Vince Kelvin's Podcast
492 Small_arrow_up325 In Awe of God with John Paul Jackson
393 Small_arrow_up323 BigFoot Live
471 Small_arrow_up323 Procrastinando
313 Small_arrow_up300 Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!
468 Small_arrow_up300 Miguel Trani's Podcast
451 Small_arrow_up294 anavin mixtape
493 Small_arrow_up293 Chiswick Christian Centre
480 Small_arrow_up268 DJ Inferno's Podcast
389 Small_arrow_up264 DJ James Torres
490 Small_arrow_up262 Rubber Stamped Mixes
195 Small_arrow_up252 Big Daddy...Live From The Man Cave
320 Small_arrow_up242 Equestrian Music
307 Small_arrow_up233 Andy & Nichole's Podcast
240 Small_arrow_up221 CREATION MOMENTS MINUTE
460 Small_arrow_up212 On The Tropes
297 Small_arrow_up195 Sydney Trance
266 Small_arrow_up193 Moments of Grace
439 Small_arrow_up191 Wez Champion's Podcast
230 Small_arrow_up190 Egg London Podcast
384 Small_arrow_up190 RAZZ & BIGGY's Podcast
390 Small_arrow_up188 DAILY DOSE OF WEIRD NEWS
427 Small_arrow_up184 Clearance Rack Classics Retro 80s and 90s Dance...
472 Small_arrow_up183 Electronic World Podcast
288 Small_arrow_up182 Liberty Conspiracy Audios
489 Small_arrow_up178 HARD MINIMAL
396 Small_arrow_up174 NewYork Rican Soul
290 Small_arrow_up173 Paleo, Love & Transformation
352 Small_arrow_up169 The Soul Sister Show
238 Small_arrow_up166 DJ BIMSHIRE's Podcast
436 Small_arrow_up163 PassionTalk Podcast
470 Small_arrow_up163 Leonel Rojas y StereoLeo Podcast
322 Small_arrow_up161 House Music!!!!!
438 Small_arrow_up154 Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio
310 Small_arrow_up152 The Art of Love Podcast
244 Small_arrow_up150 Now Is The Time Ministries
285 Small_arrow_up148 RMIODP Podcast
171 Small_arrow_up145 Eva Roque Garcia's Podcast
323 Small_arrow_up144 Naked Amoeba Deep House Podcast
395 Small_arrow_up144 The Cop Block Police Accountability Report
145 Small_arrow_up141 The Flavor Zone with DJ Justice on WHCR 90.3 FM

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